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Bridging Administration and People

The “experience points”, equipped with video display systems and cameras/sensors to recognize human movements or sounds, will be installed in public offices, relevant sport and cultural spots and high-traffic intersections or entertainment locations.

In addition, visitors will have the option to continue – privately – their personal journey of public service contents on their own tablets or smartphones and further surf all available content by entering the City of Pavia website or joining the city’s online social activities.


  • Bring online communication to city locations;
  • Listen – in a no-invasive manner – citizens’ opinions, requests and interests;
  • Protect existing online communication investments, as the solution integrates multiple contents, and does not require additional content production or update costs;
  • Use the platform “as a service”;
  • Integrate all the city’s online services while increasing their value for the user;
  • Simple and inexpensive integration of the “experience points” with other “smartcity” initiatives.