Alessandro Giancane, Vesenda CEO & Founder, was interviewed by Silvia Berzoni, anchor and producer of the new TV format “Sustainable Future” aired everyday on Class CNBC (Sky 507).

Giancane explained the importance of making organizations increasingly green, starting with technologies:

«The way software is designed, developed, and deployed can have a major impact on both the environment and corporate sustainability. The low code approach helps businesses to reduce energy consumption and emissions, as well as time, resources and investments. Low-code or no-code platforms such as eLegere help large companies achieve their ESG objectives, an increasingly important measure of performance for stakeholders.

Vesenda’s goal is to support organizations in the digital transition and make them smarter and more sustainable thanks to eLegere, the first Italian low-code platform for Smart Operational Process (SOP) Management.»

Below, the full interview (in Italian) with Alessandro Giancane: