Vesenda is an innovative software company based in Pavia Technology Park, a hub for innovation, research and science for enterprises, research bodies, start-ups.

Founded in 2012 by a team of three engineers, Vesenda aims to simplify and accelerate digital transformation in a more sustainable way.

Our mission is to help companies and institutions discover and enhance their digital heritage by offering disruptive software solutions that allow govern data ecosystems and processes with higher levels of interoperability.

At Vesenda, we deliver innovation that matters to make operational processes and business decision-making more efficient and effective.
The focus of our company is bring reliable value and competitive advantage to our customers and partners around the world.

We empower organizations and process owners to create their own custom web and mobile applications in an easy and quick way, without coding.

Our low-code / no-code application building platformeLegere – reshapes the way to develop Apps, enhance data and drive process efficiency.
By using a single tool, people at businesses of any size can build tailor-made application software with speed and flexibility to fit their business needs, requirements, and goals. We allow businesspeople overcome complexities, solve problems, and work smarter and faster.

Our technology transforms businesses, contributing to create a more innovative and sustainable way of working and living.

We enable firms digitalize processes integrating information and tools, generate savings, minimize paper and CO₂ emissions, all while helping the planet. Our cutting-edge, time-saving, cost-effective and easy-to-use software has a positive impact on the environment and on several aspects of everyday life.

We count on a highly skilled and experienced team and a network of local and international partners.

Among our key market advantages, there are the highest quality product, the fast delivery of our solution, a very competitive pricing strategy, and elevated customer satisfaction.


“Companies will be able to fully embrace the digital transformation when they start making operational and business processes digitally smart.”

Stefano Conconi

“We believe technology could not replace people’s capabilities in understanding business scenarios. The opposite, it should support business people to enhance and accelerate their visual inference processes.”

Guido Ricciotti

“Organizations can reach right now a comprehensive enterprise knowledge, without physical boundaries, in the most agile way.”