Conceived by the innovative software house Vesenda, eLegere is Italy’s first no/low-code application building platform for Smart Operational Process (SOP) management, enabling a sustainable digital transformation of business processes.
The eLegere platform is:

    • Modular. B2B applications are created by composing and configuring Building Blocks, through an intuitive point-and-click and drag-and-drop visual approach. The no-code/low-code capabilities of the platform reduce or completely eliminate the need to write development code, greatly simplifying and speeding up the creation, deployment, updating and management of web and mobile applications. With eLegere, in a single collaborative environment, users can design tailor-made apps, customizing their layout, functionalitiesworkflow, and security.


    • Integrated. Applications that transform unstructured or off-system processes and data are integrated by design into a single operating environment, which also serves as an interoperability layer with existing tools and information systems, in compliance with enterprise security standards. IT specialists can easily integrate data processing and communication procedures with core business systems while maintaining control and governance of the digital asset ecosystem. IT and Business can finally speak the same language.
    • Centralized. eLegere’s SOP management approach brings together knowledge dispersed in multiple spreadsheets and documents exchanged via email, saved in shared folders, or printed on paper, as well as that residing in different custom applications that do not communicate with each other. It enhances and centralizes fragmented information and data from different sources, systems, platforms, or people. Therefore it provides an All-in-One environment in which to create, model, and make use of the company’s collaborative applications and to agilely govern all the digital assets derived from data and processes, whether internal or external to the company’s systems. It guarantees the quality and reliability of the information.
    • Flexible. Thanks to the eLegere platform, web and mobile applications are created on the basis of the operational needs of the data and not necessarily from the process design. Process-Owners, Business-Analysts, and Developers can prototype, test, and release applications responding to immediate operational needs and Time to Market. With the same speed and flexibility, it will be possible to refine and extend applications, based on the operability and feedback of end-users, ensuring their adaptability to numerous organizational, technological, and business context changes.
    • Sustainable. With eLegere, Application Sustainability policies are also adopted in terms of time, implementation and maintenance costs, creation and reuse of digital assets, reduction of data, and document redundancies with efficient energy consumption and related CO2 emissions. Thus, eLegere’s green coding also proves to be a key ally in achieving and monitoring organizations’ ESG goals.

Ultimately, eLegere is a strategic tool for process owners and managers in any organization or business function who need to govern different types of processes with security, reliability, traceability, scalability, and speed. It is successfully adopted by leading companies in various sectors, including Banking, Insurance, Finance, Fashion, Luxury, Retail & GDO, Logistics, Industry 4.0, Healthcare & Pharma, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Automotive & Transportation.

The software ensures quality and reliability in process management, greater efficiency, increased performance and productivity, optimization of resources, and reduction of time and costs: a true enzymatic enabler of sustainable digital transformation.

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