Breaking Enterprise Walls

Vesenda helps organizations create a comprehensive view and use of enterprise knowledge

Lombardy Region “StartUP Program” Award

March 2014: Vesenda has been awarded a low-interest-rate financing from Regione Lombardia to support the development of the

Vesenda @ Centro Studi Grande Milano

Vesenda from the end of 2013, is a member of the Centro Studi Grande Milano , where he

Bridging Administration and People

The “experience points”, equipped with video display systems and cameras/sensors to recognize human movements or

  • Virtual Gallery
  • Sculpture Augmented Reality

Touchless Virtual Experience

Inside the multimedia space “Nel cerchio dell’arte” at the Centro Trevi in Bolzano (Italy), Vesenda designed and implemented two special exhibitions making visitors active participants through a new interactive experience.

What Industry Says
“BI professionals increasingly understand that federation and virtualization is the future — they can no longer deliver enterprise data by physically consolidating all data”
Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research at TechTarget.
“Data virtualization software creates a single logical view of distributed data, hiding the technical aspects of stored data and eliminating the need for administrators to physically consolidate it. The layer of abstraction the software simplifies pulling data in real- or near-real time…”
Margaret Rouse, Editorial Director at
“Visual discovery vendors are moving rapidly into enterprise BI markets long dominated by ROLAP and reporting tools, pulled by their biggest customers who want to standardize on the tools throughout their organizations.”
Wayne Eckerson, BI Intelligence Research (March 2013)