The SOP Management in the Programmatic Manifesto of the Italian Digital Federation

Alessandro Giancane, CEO & Founder at Vesenda, was invited to participate in the workshop organized by the Digital Federation, “The States General of Digital. The programmatic manifesto of the Italian Digital Federation ” to talk about the role of the SOP Management in the “Digital Renaissance”.

The online event was held on Tuesday 21 July 2020, from 9 am to 1pm.

On that occasion, the programmatic manifesto of the Italian Digital Federation will be presented through vertical thematic talks and a digital debate divided into three panels dedicated to Companies, Skills and Regulations for change: from contact tracing to true smart working, from SOP management to data mining, from e-learning to e-government, from digital information to digital advertising and e-commerce, from digital payment systems to cyber security.

What we are experiencing is a new normal that is taking shape in all aspects of the world around us, determining a new system of digital relations for citizens and businesses.

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